Safety Advice For Travelling Seniors | travelling and hotels

You’d be hard-pressed to find too many people who don’t love travelling. The sad truth, though, is that not everyone gets to do it as much as they would like to. but senior citizens are in a great position to travel more often than most. Seniors who don’t need to worry about working will have a lot more time on their hands for things like travel. If you are a senior citizen and your retirement has done you well enough to travel about then here is a little advice.The first tip is to always carry sunscreen and make sure you re-apply it, especially when the sun is high in the sky. You should be re-applying every two to three hours, especially if you’re at the beach or spending most of your time outside. If you do not you risk the chance of getting sunburn. You want to avoid this because sunburn can cause skin cancer.

In addition to wearing sunscreen make sure to wear supportive shoes. You might find yourself doing a little bit more walking than you are accustomed to doing. Good shoes will help with your balance and also foot support and will make it easier to walk for long distances.Always be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of people and alert in strange places, especially at night. If something seems amiss, alert the police. Local police are often eager to help foreign visitors, especially in tourist areas. They want to make sure tourists feel comfortable.Another thing that is helpful is for you to check with travel agencies. They are very helpful with planning getaways. They might have some tips on where to go. They will also have access to safety tips to give you. They’ll also know about travel alerts and warnings of whether it’s currently safe to travel in certain areas.You should also learn the location of your home country’s embassy whenever you travel overseas. In the case of an emergency you can get in touch them by phone, and you can find refuge in the embassy if that is necessary as well.

Also, be aware of scams. Some people will prey on seniors and try to get their credit card details by promising them prizes or special promotions. the only places you should be giving your credit card details out to are hotels, stores, tour companies and restaurants.Lastly, check the weather before you leave. This will help you know what to pack, and it will also help you choose the vacation spot.Keep these things in mind as you travel, and enjoy the trip.